Brief History of The Rebutting Process.

The first poles were rebutted when the New South Wales Electricity Commission proved the process in the late 1970s. In 1981 an engineering firm “Austpole” based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia formed the company and bought the concept and patent in order to commercially develop the process.

Then in 1983 prior to the Company’s sale, Austpole was awarded an Australian Design Award and the Prince Philip prize for the Rebutting Machine.

After 4 years of commercial operation and development Austpole was sold and on sold again until it was purchased 8 years ago by Adapt Australia, & Adapt-A-Pole was formed in November 2008.

Who is Adapt–A–Pole

Adapt-A-Pole Pty Ltd was registered as a business in 2008 by Peter Sandars the Managing Director of ADAPT Australia to provide Pole Rebutting services to the Electrical Distribution & Transmission Industry.

Adapt-A-Pole have breathed new life & brought in both new technology and lots of experience to a proven product, one which can proudly boast that approximately 90% of all Rebutted poles completed from the early to mid 1980’s are still in service, & still serviceable today, that’s 33 years & counting..

Adapt-A-Pole also retains strong ties with the people who originally designed, developed, manufactured and commercially proved the Rebutting process and equipment.

Adapt-A-Pole is also the only company in the world which posesses the Equipment and Patent protection to provide pole rebutting services;

As far as we know there is no like-for-like service in Australia or elsewhere in the world.
By blending strong industry experience with an already proven product & new cutting edge Technology, Adapt-A-Pole is able to provide its clients with a Reliable & Risk free service that saves Millions.

Meet the Team

Brad Dickson
General Manager

Brad has been a Linesman, Supervisor, Project manager & Operations Manager within the Electrical Distribution industry. He has also built & run his own national software company, & managed major projects within the Power industry.

Brad brings 30 years of field work & management experience to AAP including; Field Crew Management, Operational management, Business Management, Business & Software Development, Client Relationship Management, Financial Management, Sales, Strong Communication, Enthusiasm, Leadership, & Determination.

Ken Stone
Safety, Quality & Environment Manager

Ken worked in the finance industry with the Reserve Bank Of Australia in Melbourne and Canberra for 19 years, followed by 19 years with Telstra in their Treasury Department (7 years Cross Border Leasing), Company Secretary’s Office (5 years) and Procurement Group (7 years).

He has been with Adapt Australia Pty Ltd and Adapt-A-Pole for over 4 years managing major contracts and QA, OHS and EMS systems.

Peter Sandars
Managing Director

Peter has wide experience, expertise, technical and marketing qualifications in the Electrical Power Industry built up over some 54 years with many varied skill sets ranging from Special Class Electrical Mechanic, Test Engineer, HV Operator and OH Engineering & Design for some 30 years.

This provided the impetus for his entry into the Sales, Contracts and Marketing area with several LV / HV Australian Switchgear Manufacturers providing equipment supply solutions to numerous Electrical Utilities, OEM’s, Consultants and Mining Sector Companies situated around Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and South East Asia.

Peter has held a number of Senior Management Roles and/ or Directorships with Stanger & Co Ltd, Bowthorpe Australia and Bussmann Fuses prior to co founding ADAPT Australia Pty Ltd in July 1992 with his Wife and Company Sectetary, Christine.

From very humble beginnings the same co founders have grown and nurtured their Family business and invested further for the ADAPT Group of Companies now comprising ADAPT Australia Pty Ltd, ADAPT New Zealand Ltd and more recently ADAPT A POLE Pty Ltd. Peter is the Managing Director of all three (3) Companies with each of these autonimous Companies having a General Manager as a direct report to him and the Board Of Management.

Peter has always been a hands on people person and a team leader with a healthy respect for all members of the ADAPT Family and the Electrical Power Industry.

AAP has more than enough life, work & management experience to deliver 1st class results to our clients… However it’s crucial that our management ensures that we provide an environment where we allow each person to perform to their best.

Occupational Health & Safety

Adapt-A-Pole recognizes the importance of providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and to actively promote safe work conditions and safe work practices. With this in mind Adapt-A-Pole, in consultation with all employees, have developed an extensive health and safety manual outlining policies and procedures.

Health and safety is of prime importance to us when assessing any job. We encourage and promote communication with all companies and personal involved with the job in order to explore all aspects of safety. All our equipment comes with manuals and a hazard risk analysis.


Adapt-A-Pole has Public and Product liability insurance, Workers Compensation insurance with compensation benifits and common law liability as specified in the Accident Compensation (Workover) Act 1993 and all vehcles are comprehensively insured.

Quality, OH&S & Environmentally Certified

Adapt-A-Pole Pty Ltd is committed to Quality Assurance and will happily supply all information required to satisfy your organisations Quality Assurance program.


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