Reinstatement of In-Service Poles:

Reinstatement via Rebutting offers huge economic advantages over the somewhat wasteful strategy of automatically replacing all… Aged, Staked, and Un Serviceable poles.

In almost every instance Un-serviceable poles only have a “small portion” of wood that has deteriorated to the point where it has to be replaced. So why spend the additional time & money to replace the whole structure anyway?? Especially if every Rebutted pole is guaranteed for a minimum of an additional 25 years.

Not only is Rebutting generally quicker and cheaper than pole replacement, but when poles are profiled & targeted for maximum advantage, Savings will be in excess of $10,000 per Pole over Replacement, and even more on particularly complex poles.

In addition to that Tens of thousands of dollars can also be saved in situations where it is not practical to interrupt supply and the only option may require the installation of an alternative supply prior to commencing pole replacement work.

Customer Care

When Re-butting a pole the conductors remain live at all times and in most cases the pole hardware, including substations, remain untouched and fully operational. Thus eliminating costly and inconvenient Customers Outages.

Rebutting has proven economically viable especially when considering its unique capacity to reinstate large complex structures or raise the height of existing poles where the only other option is replacement. In addition to that when employing Adapt-A-Pole’s Rebutting process there is no need to purchase a new pole or the accompanying pole top structure hardware, or to spend thousands of dollars on labour and machinery isolating, stripping, replacing & rebuilding the pole to bring it back on line. ADAPT-A-POLE Pty Ltd can achieve the same result, usually in under two hours, with no interruptions to the service.

Provided the pole top remains serviceable, the extended in-service life of that pole could be similar to or greater than that of a new pole. Rebutting can be also be viable when utilised on average distribution poles, even without considering the added benefits of a greatly enhanced safety factor, elimination of ground-line maintenance and the environmental advantages of the process and the economic benefit of Rebutting become increasingly more attractive as the cost of pole replacement increases.

Whether utilised for new installations or to reinstate in-service poles, the overall result for your organisation is less capital outlay for an asset that will be stronger, safer and in many cases will have a life far in excess of a standard timber pole. It’s also good for your customers too because that asset will then provide them with a safer & more reliable service.

New Installations:

When utilised for new installations the ‘Whole of Life Cost’ is greatly reduced due to extended pole life and reductions in ground line maintenance. The cost of the timber pole can be reduced as shorter lower grade or even recycled timbers can be used and in many cases the need for pressure impregnated and other forms of pole preservation is eliminated.

With regard to outages, the secondary insulation value of timber is well recognised and documented, as is the durability of steel and concrete. ADAPT-A-POLE’s composite poles combine the benefits of all three products into one very effective product.

When poles longer than those commercially available are required, for example 23 metres plus, the extra length can be provided with the addition of an ADAPT-A-POLE stub.