As we move into the 21st Century sound long-term economic strategies, consumer goodwill and a commitment to the environment are more important than ever.

Reinstatement through Rebutting demonstrates an active commitment to the environment. What other method saves a tree every time an existing pole is put back into service?

It also demonstrates a commitment to your clients by minimising Minutes off Supply.

Pole Rebutting has major advantages in several areas, Economically, for your Clients & for the Environment.

Reinstating rather than replacing aged and condemned poles by Rebutting them not only means fewer trees need to be felled, it also means new installations can comprise of recycled, shorter length, plantation and softwood timbers which are upgraded with both strength & height when combined with a concrete & steel butt.

These Composite poles will also help save old growth forests because “A grade” timber is no longer required. This can only benefit the environment, not to mention the obvious political advantage and customer goodwill that can be gained by employing environmentally aware strategies.

Another environmental benefit is the decreased need for potentially dangerous and environmentally harmful insecticides & chemical preservatives. Due to decreased moisture levels within the timber and the physical separation of the wood from the ground, & the deterrent provided by the steel tube, Rebutting reduces if not eliminates the need to use potentially harmful chemicals.

This includes chemicals used in pressure impregnation treatments and those used to maintain and increase pole life.

Rebutted and composite poles have no footholds for people to climb on, and they are also aesthetically pleasing with no unsightly projections or sharp edges. Not huge points but none the less, they still demonstrate your other environmental considerations for your consumers.

Of course, any program of long-term reinstatement rather than replacement, can only be considered advantageous to the environment and any Organisation implementing this course of action.