Can you afford to not look closely at Rebutting?

Obviously Rebutting can be used for all sorts of pole Reinstatement purposeshowever there is one specific maintenance activity that will provide an immediate pay off.

Staked Poles

There are thousands upon thousands of Staked Poles throughout Australia that are now in the final phase of their useable life…OR ARE THEY? 

What if most of those poles could be in use for another 30+ years? 


What if Reinstatement through Rebutting not only put 1000 of your poles back into service, but also saved your business $6,000,000 at the same time. 

At a time when CEO’s are looking more intently than ever for increased safety & savings, the question really becomes can you afford not to look closely at Rebutting…

Complex Poles & Operationally Expensive Poles

By profiling & identifying particularly costly poles that are earmarked for replacement, you will be creating an opportunity to Reinstate rather than Replace & save more than $10,000 per pole. Multi Circuit Poles, Multi T Poles, Double Pole Structures, Supply sensitive areas are just some of the types of poles that typically cost anywhere between $12 & $20 thousand dollars to replace. But why replace an entire pole & go to all of that expense when only the butt has deteriorated?

Fire Prone & Critical Assets

Why not protect critical or exposed assets with a protective casing, especially of it’s a fraction of the cost to replace them. In fact a long term program designed to Re-butt & Reinstate critical & fire exposed assets will save millions of dollars whilst improving the safety & stability of your network.

Termite Regions

Rebutting has been used to great effect in heavy Termite population areas. In fact Re butted poles that were installed 25 years ago are still standing today, when the standard life of a wood pole in the same location is 5 years.

Keep Customers on Supply

Rebutting is by far the most cost effective method to permanently increase the height and/or the strength of existing poles, & that would also include thermal upgrades, or increases to conductor clearances.

During the Rebutting process poles can also be re-plumbed, repositioned and have their embedment increased.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas – on one occasion our steel tubes were bolted to solid rock & used in conjunction with pre-machined timber poles that were lowered into the tubes from the air. This permitted poles installation into an environmentally sensitive and otherwise unserviceable area.


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