Pole Rebutting / Reinstatement

Pole Rebutting is an “Energy Networks Association” approved product that has been around for more than 35 years.

It’s a time and cost effective process that removes the degraded in-ground portion of a timber pole and replaces it with a steel & concrete stub using a mobile Pole Rebutting Unit.

All whilst the powerlines above remain alive & your customers stay on supply.

Pole Maintenance Services

Adapt-A-Pole offer a number of Pole Maintenance & Construction Services.

Pole Dressing & Erection – Pole Maintenance – Pole Straightening & Stabilisation – Steel Pole restoration & Maintenance, Private Pole line inspection, installation and Maintenance & Non Destructive Testing.

Non Destructive Asset Inspection

Adapt-A-Pole are aligned with a number of Non Destructive Pole Testing companies. Each of those companies offers a slightly different product which we utilise in accordance with our needs.

This testing is performed prior to a pole being rebutted, then as poles are rebutted, & again periodically as part of a cyclic pole testing regime.


Pole Setting Foam

Is a Concrete Replacement Polyurethane product that requires far less Manual handling than traditional methods when stabilising Poles. It’s also a proven product that has been in use in the USA for more than 20 years.

Not only does it help save time and money by increasing efficiency when used instead of traditional methods of backfilling poles, It’s also quick setting, stronger than concrete, very light weight…

Pole Setting Foam also has a multitude of uses including Straightening leaning poles, Repairing Storm damaged Poles, Levelling Pad-Mounted switchgear equipment, stabilising H Frame structures, Installing Street Lighting, & on some occasions it even negates the need for stays…  Ask us about a free trial today.

Composite Poles

Adapt-A-Pole can also use, 2nd grade or softwood timbers, or even second hand poles combined with a steel & concrete tube to create “Composite Poles.”

For example a softwood 9.5Kn Pole can be turned into a 12.5Kn pole.

Instead of wasting depot space with under used under sized poles, why not rebutt them & put them to use straight away.

K-Line Insulators

K-Line Insulators is a quality silicone insulator manufacturer. The company was established in 1983 with its head office located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. K-Line Insulators’ products are distributed world-wide through a consolidated network of representatives. Product lines manufactured by K-Line Insulators include transmission and distribution suspension/deadend, line post and station post insulators.

Other products include riser support insulators, dead-end extension insulators, polymer-coated guy strains and specialty insulators for in-line switches, air-break switches, interphase spacers, railways and live line tools. These insulators are designed to the various standards (i.e. CSA, CEA, ANSI, IEEE, IEC, etc.).

 Possum Guard / Critter Guards

Critter Guard, Inc., was founded in 2000. Located in Columbia, MO, their two primary products are the Line Guard and Pole Guard. Both are designed with the utility company, homeowner and preservation of wildlife in mind.

The focus of their products are to deter possums, squirrels, roof rats and other rodents from gaining access via the overhead powerlines to power stations and homes where they inflict costly roof and transformer damages and cause power outages.


The world’s leading manufacturer of cable pulling lubes, cleaners, and MRO & construction chemicals. Click here to find out more.

IFD Corporation

Internal fault detectors for transformers.  Click here to find out more.

RS Composite Utility Poles (Canada)

High performance utility poles.  Click here to find out more.

Tech Products Inc (NY/USA)

Everlast , signs, tags, and markers (Pole ID etc).  Click here to find out more.

Pure Filter Solutions

Innovative & Ecological Solutions for Dewatering.  Click here to find out more.